Josh Byrne & Associates is pleased to announce the opening of the City of Busselton’s Yallingup play space.

Located on the foreshore of the iconic Western Australian coastal town of Yallingup over looking the world renowned ‘Yallingup Main Surf Break’, this latest Josh Byrne & Associates design is inspired by nature, adventure, its local surroundings and the community.

Nestled amongst mature tea trees , this coastal marine themed play space complements its unique coastal setting and encompasses a diverse array of bespoke playground equipment that caters for all ages.

Working with Earth Care as the building contractor, areas created for toddlers and younger children incorporate interactive rock pools with carved logs and stepping stumps, a manual water pump, slide, play boulders, and copious beaches of clean white sand.

For the older children there are more physically challenging elements, such as an island created with the locally sourced laterite stone, climbable boulders and river stone wall. The ladder and climbing ropes lead to a rope bridge revealing a rustic style beach shack with panoramic ocean views. A cave tunnel provides access under the “laterite island” to a custom swing set, which also provides extra shade to the existing mature tea trees. Other play items include stepping stilts, talking tubes, a balancing surfboard, cargo nets and adventure tube slide.

The adventure tube slide winds its way out to the Yallingup Play Spaces feature item, a nine metre interactive mural painted wave that emits a fine mist when activated by its user. It is the source of much fun for both children and adults act out their latest surfing adventure or cool off away from the summer sun.

The Yallingup Play Space adopts best practice, environmental design principles as is illustrated through the use of natural, low energy materials from locally sourced stone and recycled, repurposed timber. The replacement of the existing playground equipment saw a number of unique art pieces and timber sculptures re-used including stained glass hand rails, fish shaped grip handles, and a number of carved timber posts.

This play space is proving very popular with both the local children and tourists and is heaving with children on the weekends. Given the Yallingup play space success, we hope this locally inspired design prompts other West Australian councils to act like the City of Busselton and be forward thinking and create even more impressive areas for our kids.

News Link: The West Australian: Adventure Encouraged at New Playground