Founded by Company Director Josh Byrne in 2005, JBA has grown into a respected landscape architectural and urban design practice that undertakes projects across commercial, civic and community sectors.

JBA has compiled a portfolio of public space and urban development projects through delivery of master planning, concept design, detailed design and oversight of construction via project management and superintendence services. Our team comprises landscape architects and urban designers, as well as engineering, environmental science, project management and communications professionals. This unique combination enables JBA to successfully apply innovative design thinking that is evidenced based and technically grounded.

JBA has industry leading expertise in Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and has applied this to a number of award-winning projects where the practice has been charged with the landscape architecture and urban water management roles. Likewise, JBA is well recognised for applying a sophisticated and considered approach to built environment sustainability, whether it be via the application of a recognised sustainability certification program, or a bespoke approach that fits the specific needs and context of a project.

JBA’s experience in communications and engagement is regularly drawn upon to support the delivery of our project work and increase the impact of project outcomes on behalf of our clients and stakeholders.

JBA’s strength lies in our multidisciplinary team. Our practice is in a unique position to support our clients with specific services or combine our skills to provide integrated project outcomes.

JBA Panel Positions

WA Local Government Association (WALGA)

Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy

  • Environmental and Sustainability Consulting
  • Arboricultural, Landscape & Garden Design Services

Parks and Gardens

  • Playground Goods & Services
  • Water Management
WA Government – Department of Finance, Building Management & Works

Engineering & Building Specialists Panel

  • Landscape Architect Preferred Supplier Register
  • Sustainability Consultant Preferred Supplier Register
  • Environmental Consultant Panel – Water Hydrology
  • Design Review Services Panel
  • Armadale & Wungong – Landscape Architect Consultancy Services Panel
Water Corporation

MOU – Commitment to Sustainable Water Management

Town of Port Hedland

Construction Professionals – Landscape Architects