What We Do

Josh Byrne & Associates' (JBA) professional in-house skills incorporate landscape architecture, environmental engineering and sustainability, community engagement and communications.

Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

JBA offers landscape architectural and urban design services across commercial, civic and community sectors. Our focus is to maximise the value and benefits of designed spaces.

JBA is highly experienced in the design and construction superintendence of urban landscapes, particularly public spaces, infill developments and ecologically sensitive areas needing environmentally responsive design. We provide our clients with an evidence based design service that responds to the aspirations of the client, the community and the intricacies of the site.
Depending on client and project requirements, JBA can also provide supporting consultancy across built environment sustainability, communications and engagement, or work with other consultants who are fulfilling these roles as part of a broader project team.

Our design services include:

  • Master planning
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design and specification
  • Project costing and review
  • Project management, superintendence and contract administration
  • Specialist consultancy

Built Environment Sustainability

JBA works collaboratively in project teams to set sustainability targets, develop strategies, then supports the design process to achieve the objectives set for both infrastructure and architecture. We look for opportunities that emerge from a multidisciplinary approach to make our projects much more than the sum of their parts.

JBA’s integrated approach results in sustainability advice that improves building energy, resource and water efficiency, as well as liveability. We understand sustainability policy and have been involved in improving these policies in a number of arenas.

Our experience and broad industry involvement allow us to achieve sustainability goals without compromising the design process. Whether it be developing a sustainability framework, or implementing applied research, JBA begins with what is best for the project and looks for its strengths.
Depending on client and project requirements, JBA can provide sustainability consulting services as part of a broader project team or offer it as a value add alongside our landscape architectural and urban design services.

Our sustainability consulting offerings include:

  • Sustainability strategies and reporting for submissions such as Development Approval
  • Feasibility studies and options analyses around renewable energy, Water Sensitive Urban Design, materials, waste avoidance and resource recovery
  • Sustainability certification such as One Planet Living and EnviroDevelopment
  • Water balance and recycled water management plans
  • Project management and contract administration

Communications & Engagement

JBA’s approach to project communications and engagement is to inform, consult and inspire, enabling stakeholders to meaningfully participate in projects, facilitating project ownership and ongoing involvement.

JBA’s experience in communications and engagement is regularly drawn upon to support the delivery of our design and technical project work and increase the impact of project outcomes on behalf of our clients and stakeholders. We devise novel approaches to communicate and we utilise a broad suite of media services and platforms. We share project messaging and promote stakeholder input, leveraging Josh Byrne’s national media profile.

Our unique combination of professional experience in communications, research and design, ensures that our outputs are visually engaging and technically accurate. JBA often works along side the corporate communications teams of our clients, providing specialist project related technical input to promotional material to ensure content is on point and technically accurate.

JBA’s communications and engagement offerings include:

  • Strategic stakeholder and community engagement
  • Project related multimedia production, including video and digital media
  • Project related event management including workshops and presentations
  • Project related copy writing and document design