What We Do

Josh Byrne & Associates' (JBA) professional in-house skills incorporate landscape architecture, environmental engineering and sustainability, community engagement and communications.


Landscape Architecture

JBA offers landscape design and consultancy services across civic, community and commercial sectors. Our focus is to provide inspiring and beneficial outcomes that maximise the use of our designed spaces.

We apply a broad and integrated sustainability framework to our work, taking into consideration appropriate materials selection, energy efficiency, biodiversity, local food production, waste minimisation and water sensitive design. We value interactive learning experiences and incorporate bespoke features where possible to create a local identity.

JBA’s key landscape architectural services include:

  • Master planning
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design and specification
  • Project costing and review
  • Project management and contract administration
  • Specialist consultancy

Urban Water Management

JBA has substantial experience in the urban water sector having worked on projects across a broad range of scales, terrains and climate types. Our team skills span investigation and analysis, planning and design, project management and communication.

We focus on innovative and cost-effective outcomes, and our experience has shown that an integrated approach is vital to achieving long term sustainable benefits for our clients and their projects.

JBA provides the following range of services in the urban water sector:

  • Water auditing and balance modelling
  • Feasibility investigations for alternative water supplies
  • Planning and concept design development of integrated water and wastewater recycling schemes
  • Preparation of water management plans for urban development
  • Preparation of recycled water quality management plans and obtaining regulatory approvals for proposed alternate water schemes

Built Environment Sustainability

JBA works collaboratively in project teams to set sustainability targets and strategies, and then supports the design process to achieve the objectives set for both infrastructure and architecture. We look for opportunities that emerge from a multidisciplinary approach to make our projects much more than the sum of their parts.

Whether it is a layer of research, collaborating with a university, or one of a host of green building certifications that we can assist with, JBA begins with what is best for the project and looks for it strengths.

JBA’s integrated approach results in sustainability advice that improves building energy, resource and water efficiency, as well as liveability. We understand green building policy and have been involved in improving these policies in a number of arenas.

Our experience and broad industry involvement allows us to achieve sustainability goals without compromising the design process.

JBA’s services for Built Environment Sustainability include:

  • Sustainability Strategies and reporting for submissions such as Development Approval
  • Feasibility Studies & Options Analyses around renewable energy, water, materials and air quality
  • Sustainability Certification – including Green Star, One Planet Living, EnviroDevelopment, Living Building Challenge
  • ESD Specification writing
  • Tender review and Interviews
  • Building Simulation including for energy performance, natural light, and thermal comfort
  • Project Management & Contract Administration
  • Policy & Strategy Development

Policy, Strategy and Research

Grounded in science, our policy and strategy offering encompasses urban forest creation, urban water management and urban planning. Our practical approach and ability to communicate complex regulatory concepts in plain language has led to us delivering high profile projects for industry and government.

Our projects range from the local level through to major national research activities, allowing us to contribute to liveability and environmental outcomes of all scales.

We provide the following professional services:

  • Policy analysis and direction
  • Research and guidance
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Strategic/stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Advocacy and strategic communications


JBA’s approach to communications is to inform, consult and inspire enabling communities and relevant stakeholder groups to meaningfully participate in projects, facilitating project ownership and ongoing involvement. JBA considers the needs of both the client and the target audience to ensure the delivery of appropriate strategies.

We utilise a broad suite of communications services and platforms to share our design and consultancy projects, leveraging Josh Byrne’s national media profile when needed.

The key service deliverables we offer in Communications include:

  • Communication strategies
  • Strategic stakeholder and community engagement
  • Industry training and capacity building
  • Multimedia production
  • Events management including workshops and presentations
  • Specialist copywriting and design