Below is a series of resources prepared by JBA, including videos, websites, guidelines, plans and factsheets. These are provided as open source content to be shared, provided acknowledgement is given to JBA and our clients.

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 Density by Design

(JBA, the CRC for Low Carbon Living, Curtin University)

‘Josh’s House’ Sustainable Housing

(JBA, Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living)

‘Your Garden’ Riverwise Gardening Online Tool

(JBA, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions)

Videos and Animations

‘Perth Cultural Centre’ Civic Space Activation

(Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority)

Urban Orchard

Native Wetland

Short Term Activation Works

Waterwise Training – Videos and Animations

(Water Corporation)

Waterwise Training – Sprinkler Heads
Waterwise Training – Site Maintenance
Waterwise Training – Precipitation Rates, Matched Precipitation Rates and Uniform Distribution
Waterwise Training – Basic Irrigation Components

In Your Business Series

(Water Corporation)

Cooling Tower Animation
Waterwise Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower Water Efficiency
Detecting a Leaking Toilet
Water Efficient Taps
Water Efficient Commercial Kitchen
Water Efficient Shower Heads
Measuring Flow Rates

Plans and Factsheets

‘Josh’s House’ Sustainable Housing – House Plans

(JBA, Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living)

‘Josh’s House’ Sustainable Housing – Design Fact Sheets

(JBA, Curtin University and the CRC for Low Carbon Living)
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