The One Planet Living (OPL) Action Plan for East Village at Knutsford (EVK) has recently been published, guiding the project to become a global leader in sustainable development.

EVK is an evolution in the delivery of state-of-the-art sustainable housing with efficient design, innovative servicing and local identity at its core. The 1.5 hectare DevelopmentWA project includes two apartment sites and 36 townhouses with a unique productive and cooling landscape designed by JBA that connects the site to the greater Knutsford Street precinct.

OPL is an international sustainability initiative based on the idea that we all need to live within the limits of one planet’s natural resources. One Planet Living provides a framework, built around 10 principles, which guide sustainable development.

The highly livable garden precinct includes some of the most advanced energy and water systems yet implemented in Australia. This is, in part, due to JBA’s role as the urban water and sustainability consultants developing the water management plan (UWMP), the energy strategy and managing the OPL certification.

Mark Taylor, JBA’s Sustainability Lead and accredited One Planet Integrator, says EVK is an evolution of the work done at WGV, WA’s first One Planet Global Leader project, “East Village is fast emerging as a new reference point for the development industry in WA and I’m confident it will be transformative far beyond the site boundary”.

JBA acknowledges the significant industry leadership demonstrated by DevelopmwentWA through this project. It has been made possible through collaboration with Tabec Civil Engineering, 3E Consulting Engineers, Curtin University, Power Ledger, Gemtek Group, ElementWA, spaceagency, Terrace, Wormall Civil, Total Eden and Midnight Tuesday.