The West Australian Greywater Guide is a new resource that has been prepared to assist households and practitioners make the most of this valuable resource. Full of practical information on how to best use domestic greywater, the Guide has been prepared by Josh Byrne & Associates (JBA) in collaboration with the Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group (GWIG) and Water Corporation, targeting a broad audience including developers, planners, architects, builders and the general public.

As the population of Perth grows and rainfall continues to decline, it’s becoming more important than ever that we manage urban water resources efficiently. Greywater is an underutilised fit-for-purpose water source that can relieve pressure on mains water whilst helping to support green gardens and cool neighbourhoods.

Around 70% of Perth’s mains water is used by residential customers with the average household using approximately 277,000 litres per year (Water Corporation, 2010). Around 40% of this is used on the garden. Greywater reuse can help meet some of this demand if done effectively and responsibly.

The Guide provides advice for the reuse of greywater, with a focus on the Swan Coastal Plain.  It includes information on greywater and its benefits; regulatory guidance; types of greywater systems; design and technical considerations; indicative costs; installation and maintenance advice; water quality issues; and greywater use in regional areas of WA. Case studies and working examples are also included.

The West Australian Greywater Guide complements the Residential Greywater Ready Plumbing Guidelines also produced by JBA. These Guidelines encompass the general plumbing details required to enable the efficient installation of residential greywater reuse systems for new or renovated homes.

Other technical guides produced by JBA on behalf of the Water Corporation, include the Community Bore Guide, the Waterwise Verge Best Practice Guidelines, and the Guide to Water Efficient Landscape and Irrigation.

To access these and other useful materials, go to the JBA website Resources page.