Representatives from UWA, spaceagency, Builtform Projects, JBA and LandCorp recently came together at Fremantle’s Fibonacci Centre to present their thoughts on how to deliver the first baugruppen demonstration in WA. LandCorp has set aside Lot 2 at WGV in White Gum Valley near Fremantle to be the site for this pilot project, which intends to establish a replicable, higher density, more sustainable and more affordable approach to residential development. It’s expected that over 20 units will fit comfortably on the site, with the final form being determined through a collaborative process with the owner group.


‘Baugruppen’ directly translates to ‘building groups’ and is the German term to describe the process that enables individuals to group together and be assisted to become their own developer of diverse and sustainable multi-unit housing designed for their long-term needs. A different legal and financial structure in Australia means that the model needs to be adapted in to an Australian format, which this pilot project hopes to develop.

Led by Professor Geoffrey London (UWA), and supported by  Michael Patroni (spaceagency), Phillip Gnech (Builtform Projects), Josh Byrne (Josh Byrne & Associates) and Warren Phillips (LandCorp), the presenters discussed how financial and design aspects of the process would be managed, as well as the value of this applied research project in potentially unlocking a new housing option in Australia.

The 100 plus member audience then had the opportunity to quiz the hosts about the project, asking a range of questions that covered aging-in-place, resale restrictions to discourage profit driven investors, the role of growing families, taxation queries, and pet ownership.

For more information about the WGV Baugruppen project or to register your interest go to baugruppen-image

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