131127 Water Corp Screen Grab 1The Water Corporation has recently released four new water saving videos produced by VAM Media in conjunction with Josh Byrne & Associates.

Presented by Josh Byrne, the videos are part of the Water Corporation’s focus on ‘fresh water thinking’ for businesses initiative that finds new ways to preserve our precious water resources. Topics such as identifying leaking toilets and installing low flow taps and shower heads, with the key message being that in business, saving water means saving money.

Keeping a close eye on water usage within your business helps you to identify unusual patterns of water use. Issues can then be resolved, saving you money through reduced water usage and sewer discharge fees.

The videos and associated information on the Water Corporation website provide a startling reminder of just how much water can easily be saved within your business, for example:

        A leaking toilet or urinal can waste up to 200 litres of water a day.

        Flow restrictors can be fitted to basin taps, and low flow shower heads installed to reduce flow by up to 50%, without compromising performance.

        Depending on the industry, water use for general cleaning can account for between 10%-50% of all water used. Switching to water efficient equipment and cleaning practices can result in big savings.

To check out the videos as well as other water saving resources go to the Water Corporation’s website. Saving water has never been easier.