Mark Taylor, Manager - Built Form SustainabilityJosh Byrne & Associates (JBA) has recently appointed Mark Taylor as our Manager – Built Form Sustainability, stepping up our offering in built environment consulting and design. As JBA has grown we have focused on achieving excellent results in our specialised services and we are now able include the built form as a core part of our holistic approach to project consultancy alongside urban water management and landscape architecture.

I’ve been very interested in the way that Josh Byrne has been helping projects to be more courageous about design and pursuing better environmental outcomes’, say’s Mark, ‘The plan is to take my experience with built environment design and add it to JBA’s success in treating sites as systems and achieving results through an integrated approach‘.

Before coming to JBA Mark spent five years managing Perth’s Sustainability Group for the engineering consultancy firm, Norman Disney Young (NDY). He spent the early part of his career in Europe working predominantly on theatre and opera house construction projects. The lessons about how much difference good design could make to a building were always apparent but a concern for the environment led Mark to want to apply these lessons to improving the impacts of buildings and cities.

Mark has provided built form sustainability advice to a broad range of project types throughout Australia, particularly in the Perth area and in WA’s North West. This includes work with the Perth Children’s Hospital, the Rio Tinto Office and Remote Operations Centre in Perth and the new State Netball Centre in Wembley.

Mark has been involved in promoting holistic sustainability frameworks, such as One Planet Living and the Living Building Challenge in WA. This fits with JBA’s approach towards regenerative design for sites and integrated approaches to development. Mark’s appointment significantly bolsters JBA’s capability in the key areas of:

  • Sustainable design advice to improve building energy, resource and water efficiency
  • Understanding building compliance and how it can be achieved in innovative buildings
  • Using sustainability frameworks and achieving required ratings without compromising the design process
  • A holistic approach; working with the project team throughout the project cycle from concept to design to construction to operation

You can download Mark’s Biography by clicking here or contact the JBA offices for further details.

‘There is a pioneering sense in WA that energises the building industry here and this can be harnessed to show how well development can be done when a project team has a clear direction and the confidence to innovate.’

Mark Taylor

Manger – Built Form Sustainability, Josh Byrne & Associates