The 202020 Vision recently released three publications informed by research conducted by Josh Byrne & Associates (JBA) for Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) Ltd that addresses green space policy barriers in Australia.

The 202020 Vision initiative is a mass collaboration of organisations working together to create 20% more and better urban green space by the year 2020. Created in 2013 by HIA, the 202020 Vision has grown into Australia’s biggest network of green space experts, creators and supporters.

HIA, responding to a knowledge gap identified by its members, commissioned JBA to deliver a report which addresses the policy challenges faced by the 202020 Vision initiative. Led by JBA Project Manager Greg Priest and titled Identification of Barriers to Adoption of 202020 Vision Goals, the report identifies the regulatory barriers to urban green space provision and it addresses the planning constraints which result from these challenges.

The research included an extensive analysis of State and Federal Government policy and regulation, as well as interviews with green space experts, and the report ultimately provides an action plan containing practical policy responses to address urban greening challenges.

There is a growing understanding of the value of trees and vegetation within the built environment, particularly its role in mitigating the urban heat island effect and promoting improved public health outcomes,” says Project Manager Greg Priest “however dated government policy throws up a range of barriers to the provision of green space in our cities. Whilst there have been recent moves in the right direction, there needs to be concerted action from our governments, beginning with a Federal position that encourages and supports improved policy at State and Local levels.”
Completed at the beginning of 2016, the report has now informed the development of three new 202020 Vision publications:

The Playing Field: A guide which unravels the intricacies of the planning processes and provide insights on how to influence policy to improve urban greening outcomes.
Rules and Regulations: An analysis of the key policy instruments at Federal, State and Local Government levels which impact on the creation of more and better green space.
Top Ten Opportunities: An explanation of the priority opportunities to improve policy instruments to overcome the key policy barriers to urban greening.
The project is addressed in a Nursery Paper within Hort Journal Australia created for the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia and the full research report can be sourced through the HIA.