Patrick Suckling, Australian Ambassador for the Environment.

The Australian Ambassador for the Environment, Patrick Suckling, was in WA last week. He called together a group of clean energy innovators from the State to a round table discussion on opportunities for trade, removing barriers to clean energy development, and leveraging opportunities coming from Australia’s efforts to meet the Paris Agreement on Climate. The discussion was hosted at DFAT’s Perth office.

JBA was at the table along with developers of energy storage, wave power, soil carbon solutions, and our energy monitoring neighbors, Ecocentric Energy, amongst others. The Ambassador was particularly excited about the interest we have received from overseas regarding our innovative water solutions. Perth has a very particular climate, for a capital city, dealing annually with heavy rain followed by long dry periods. Places like California are looking for new ways of managing water. The challenge of exporting a service model, rather than a commodity, was also discussed.

It’s good to know that, along with AusIndustry providing practical assistance to Australian firms looking to establish beachheads in other countries, DFAT and the Ambassador’s office can provide further help with political support and establishing networks.

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