City of Fremantle Energy Plan

A document that is assisting the City of Fremantle with meeting its corporate energy supply and carbon reduction targets.

Josh Byrne & Associates (JBA) worked with the City of Fremantle to deliver a Corporate Energy Plan. The Plan sets out a strategy enabling the City to run corporate operations on 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

The Plan is designed to have minimal financial impact on the City and shows how green energy can be procured at competitive rates. Initiatives that have a capital cost were only proposed if they have a strong, positive net present value. Options for alternative funding of the capital costs were also discussed.

JBA’s role included:

  • Developing a strategic plan in collaboration with the City, aligned to City processes. Reviewing the existing situation in order to develop an understanding of the baseline as a starting point for the Plan.
  • Practical research to inform the Plan by identifying best practice and innovation, as well as an evidence base for recommendations.
  • Authoring a comprehensive report to embody the Plan, including collaboration with the City and frequent review.
  • Understanding council processes and timelines.
  • Understanding sensitivities around the public interface, communicating new

City of Fremantle

JBA Role:

Energy Strategy Consultant