Community Bore Guide

A guide for implementing community bore schemes in residential developments in Western Australia

Developed by Josh Byrne & Associates (JBA), the Water Corporation Community Bore Guide provides information for developers, local governments or other service providers on the planning, technical, operational and governance aspects of community bores.

Using experiences gained from JBA’s development and delivery of the WGV community bore in collaboration with DevelopmentWA and the City of Fremantle, the information helps to ensure community bores are designed, implemented and managed to suit site-specific conditions and prevent overuse of Perth’s precious groundwater.

This Guide consists of two parts:

  • A Community Bore Checklist that provides an introduction to community bores and a suggested four-stage process to assist in site-specific implementation.
  • A Community Bore Report containing additional detail on the suggested four-stage process, as well as a ‘Concept to Operation’ flowchart, a developer to service provider handover procedure, insights into stakeholder experiences from previous community bore implementation and examples to support the process of implementation.

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