Our Gardens with Josh Byrne

A suite of communications initiatives promoting RiverWise and Waterwise residential gardening practices.

Our Gardens with Josh Byrne is a community engagement and communications initiative designed to reduce the levels of nutrients and non-nutrient contaminants finding their way into the Swan – Canning river system.

Supported by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ (DBCA) River Guardians program, the event series strategically targets gardeners in areas with high nutrient runoff into river catchments.

Delivered by Josh Byrne via a suite of communication materials, the program uses positive language to break down the barriers to adopting a low-nutrient, balanced approach to gardening. Josh presents the major sustainability megatrends, ideas and innovations in river-friendly gardening, and shares the knowledge and tools to create a successful garden that supports our river ecosystems.

The suite of communication materials includes visually engaging presentations and guest presenters. The content provides participants with practical ways to support behaviour change at home and the information needed to get the best results from their garden.

A dynamic engagement strategy that leverages Josh Byrne’s media profile has attracted more then 2,000 attendees to over 30 events, raising the profile of the River Guardians program and supporting DBCA as the leaders in river health protection in Western Australia.


Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Water Corporation

JBA Role

Communications Consultant
  • Content creation
  • Technical overview
  • Specialist copywriting and design
  • Event marketing and management