Cottesloe Railway Corridor Greening

The revegetation of a four kilometre railway corridor running adjacent to a new principal shared path.

In 2019 Main Roads, WA’s transport agency responsible for the state’s road network, constructed a bike path, referred to as a principal shared path (PSP), that runs parallel to the Perth to Fremantle train line between Grant Street and Victoria Street train stations in the metropolitan Perth coastal suburb of Cottesloe.

JBA was engaged by the Town of Cottesloe as the landscape architect to provide a concept, softworks design and documentation to revegetate an area to the west of the four kilometre stretch of train line, and immediately adjacent to the new PSP. Key elements of the Railway Corridor Greening Design included:

  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing green corridor along the new PSP bike path that utilises lower story, mid-story and upper story species to maximise wildlife habitat value.
  • Incorporating native species which will contribute to a habitat corridor and support native birds such as Carnaby’s and Red Tail Cockatoos, as well as beneficial insects.
  • Creating an enjoyable space for the community to engage with and be surrounded by nature.
  • Including vegetation that helps to screen the train line.
  • Including community and schools in the tree planting process.

The Cottesloe Railway Corridor Greening underwent community consultation in 2019 and the Town is now staging revegetation works over a 5-year period, including a program of infill planting and weed control to successfully implement the design.


Town of Cottesloe

JBA Role

Landscape architect


Planning Institute of Australia WA – Climate Change & Resilience – Commendation