Len Packham Nature Playspace

A nature-inspired playspace woven through the understory of established trees.

Len Packham Nature Playspace is located in the Perth southern suburb of Coolbellup within the City of Cockburn. The nature-inspired playspace borders residential properties and is co-located with an existing skate facility at Len Packham Park.

The playspace was delivered by the City as part of its 2015 infill-focused revitalisation strategy for Coolbellup, which includes upgrading  streetscapes, parks and other council facilities.

JBA was engaged as the landscape architects to deliver concept and detailed design, tender and contracting support to the City, plus construction superintendence.

The design of the playscape took into consideration a change in local demographics and a desire to integrate the skate park with the greater precinct. The site now provides intergenerational facilities for active and passive recreation. The space has helped enhance local amenity, while the use of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) principles has helped address local antisocial issues.

JBA’s approach to placemaking took full advantage of the site’s potential, working with the existing topography and flora to create a unique and naturally shaded playspace that promotes health, happiness and well-being.


City of Cockburn

JBA Role

Landscape architect

Construction superintendent